2do HYPEvents Directory

This website is a publicly available, cross-grid, hypergrid search engine for OpenSimulator.

It provides places, land for sale and events search in-world from the viewer search feature. Places and land for sale are parsed regularly from your simulator(s). Events are fetched from 2do HYPEvents.

Currently, this website only provides in-world search, hence the sober presentation.

Enable in-world search on your region(s)

To enable in-world search in your region without installing the web application:

  1. Download OpenSimSearch.Module.dll and put it inside your OpenSim bin/ folder.

  2. Add the following settings to each simulator OpenSim.ini file.
    Even for grids, this config goes in regions OpenSim.ini, not in Robust.ini.
    (replace "Your Grid" and "yourgrid.org:8002" with your own values).


      SearchURL = "http://2do.directory/helpers/query.php?gk=http://yourgrid.org:8002"
      index_sims = true
      gridname = "Your Grid"
      snapshot_cache_directory = "./DataSnapshot"
      DATA_SRV_2do = http://2do.directory/helpers/register.php
      ;; You can add multiple search engines
      ;DATA_SRV_OtherEngine = http://example.org/helpers/register.py
  3. Restart the simulators.

2do Directory is an implementation of Speculoos' Flexible helper scripts. These helpers are also available in WordPress W4OS plugin.